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Control and Verify Asset Movements
Schedule movement of either single or multiple assets from one location to another.
Scheduled Movements Details on Asset Screen
View and manage scheduled movement details of every asset on the Assets Screen.
Scheduled Movements Module
Monitor all of your scheduled movements from one simple to use calendar.

Scheduled Movements

Scheduled Movement

The control and reporting of regular movement of assets between locations can be a difficult task. The Scheduled Movements module of Capture-fm gives you the capabilities to schedule the movements either on a one-off or recurring basis. This flexible system can be used for many different tasks such as equipment for exhibitions/seminars, customer orders (internal or external), or even backup systems for IT installations.

The Scheduled Movements module was originally developed to assist a Data Centre with the movement of large volumes of backup tapes but has since grown into a much bigger tool. This module allows you to schedule the movement of either single or multiple assets from one location to another, on a one-off basis or as a recurring event.

Working in conjunction with Capture-fm® mobile, the Scheduled Movement module will require the user to confirm the movement, verify that the movement should actually take place and highlight if the wrong asset is being moved to the wrong location.

All information is cross linked with your asset register so users will be able to see where each asset is now and where it has been throughout its life.


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