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Pre-Plannned Maintenance Made Easy
Easy storage of scheduled inspections, Warranty, Insurance and Maintenance policies.
Contract Manager Page - PPM Module
Easily create, edit and assign Contracts, Inspections, Maintenance, Warranty, Insurance policies and more.
Schehdule Maintenance Planner
All scheduled maintenance can be seen with a simple and easy to understand planner.

Pre Planned Maintenance (PPM)


The Pre-Planned Maintenance module is an essential tool for organisations that need to do regular checks and inspections on asset or locations. Along with scheduled inspections, the PPM module will also allow you store information on Warranty, Insurance and Maintenance policies associated with your assets, locations and users.

Most organisations have a need to perform regular maintenance and checks on equipment, tools and even buildings. The inspections system allows you to simply create quick inspections that need to be carried out, set them as a one off or periodic occurrence and to create work sheets for specific users to complete the task.

Capture-fm® utilises a easy to use and understand planner to accurately facilitate the inspection of multiple assets, locations or users. Allowing for easy addition and editing of inspections at any stage. All results can be reported on to ensure that safety checks etc. are being completed.

Another valuable aspect of the PPM module is the ability to record details of your Maintenance, Warranty and Insurance policies. You can record details for each policy with appropriate details such as how to claim, excess charges, renewal dates and even attach electronic documents such as copies of the actual certificates allowing you to quickly and accurately view information. 


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