Capture-fm® - Mobile Surveying
Record Assets easily with Handhelds
Record every asset with no live connection to the database needed.
Mobile Surveying
Collect data accurately and record PAT testing results.
Schedule Movements on Handheld
Control scheduled movements and collect proof of delivery signatures.

Mobile Surveying

Mobile Surveying

Collecting data for any asset management system is probably the most difficult part, but Capture-fm® mobile enables you to quickly and efficiently collect asset information and send it back to base without needing a PC or additional software - helping to reduce overall cost and potential support implications.

Capture-fm® mobile is our portable surveying software and can be used to collect your asset, location and user information along with PAT testing records, Delivery information and Scheduled movement records. The mobile PDA's don't even need to be connected to your PC to send data and can be used completely off-line for those environments where a wireless signal is not available or not allowed.

Capture-fm® mobile is the perfect tool for use in conjunction with Capture-fm® and allows you to quickly and accurately record your assets through a mobile PDA device.

The PDA is used to scan your barcodes prior to them being compiled into a finished file for sending back to the main software.

The handhelds do not need to be connected to your PC to send data as they come equipped with WiFi and GSM Data capabilities.  They can also be used completely offline for those environments where a wireless signal is not available or allowed.

Based around Microsoft's .NET compact framework and Microsoft SQL Express, our software will work on a massive range of PDA devices based on the Windows Mobile operating systems. These can range from inexpensive standard PDA's to ruggedised industrial hand-held devices – effectively removing hardware lock-in issues and allowing you to choose the best solution for your needs.

The actual survey process on the handheld is fully customisable, allowing for the various survey questions to be switched on or off to make sure you only record the necessary information. Within each survey question a list of pre-defined answers can be populated and if you require, the option for manual input by the surveyor can be activated or deactivated. 

In addition to this, Capture-fm® mobile can also collect Portable Appliance Test information via our unique QuickPAT mode, saving not only time, but by taking the human element out of the equation, it helps to reduce the possibility of mistakes.

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Download our Brochure

Download our Brochure

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  •  Surveys" data-mosaic-order-date="2016-03-30 14:57:18">


    Surveys can be created on the pc using the Capture-fm® data import/export module and transferred onto the handheld via a direct connection (using ActiveSync) or simply emailed to the end user. The user can receive the data using any form of Internet or VPN connection, as Windows mobile PDA's support GSM, WAP, GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi connections*. This removes the requirement for the end user to have a PC – reducing the cost and support implications involved.

    Individual questions can be tailored to your requirements via the various options available. Every question can:

    • Be turned on or off individually
    • Limited to answers that you provide
    • Be forced to be answered or not
    • Asked once per survey (such as Surveyor Name) or for every item (such as Serial Number)
    • Asked when an item is copied to another barcode number (such as Serial Number)
    • All data collected can be forced to capitals if required.

    Surveys can be secured so that the end user cannot change the options you have chosen. This can be over-ridden – but only with a onetime password supplied by you on request by the end user. Each survey file can be uniquely identified as well, thus ensuring that the surveyor has completed the survey using the question set and options you have chosen.

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  •  Data Import/Export" data-mosaic-order-date="2016-03-30 14:57:53">

     Data Import/Export

    Surveys can be exported to a file ready to send back to Capture-fm and also re-imported so a survey can be continued at a later date. Files are compressed to minimize the amount of data being transmitted, helping to reduce data costs further.

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  •  Pre-defined Answers" data-mosaic-order-date="2016-03-30 14:58:19">

     Pre-defined Answers

    Predefined answers can be created within Capture-fm® and then sent to the handheld to assist in data collection standards. Answers can also be added by the user during a survey. It is also possible to restrict questions so that only the answers you specify can be given – the user will not be able to add their own.

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  •  Items" data-mosaic-order-date="2016-03-30 14:58:52">


    The software is capable of collecting data for virtually every field in Capture-fm® and the way the data is collected can be controlled (i.e. date data, single answer, multiple answers, etc). If the user attempts to survey an item or Location that has already been done they will be prompted as to whether they wish to re-collect the information or not – thus preventing duplicate entries and mistakes.

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  •  Survey Information" data-mosaic-order-date="2016-03-30 14:59:11">

     Survey Information

    A pop up screen can show you a summary of the current survey – How many items have been done, the number of locations and other information such as when the survey was started and how long it has been in progress.

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  •  Summary Screen" data-mosaic-order-date="2016-03-30 14:59:34">

     Summary Screen

    After every Location / Item has been surveyed the user is presented with a summary screen. This allows the user to verify that entered data is correct and rectify any errors before continuing. This can be turned off by the user if required to streamline the data collection process

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  •  View and Edit" data-mosaic-order-date="2016-03-30 14:59:58">

     View and Edit

    Every item can be viewed and edited before data is sent back to base. This helps to ensure that the data collected is correct by allowing the surveyor to correct mistakes they may have made.

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  •  Copy/Repeat Function" data-mosaic-order-date="2016-03-30 15:00:18">

     Copy/Repeat Function

    If you have many assets of the same type within a location you can use the repeat/copy function. This simply uses a range of sequentially number asset labels - scan the first and the last and repeat. If you want to update the serial number for example as this is different for each asset, this can be done during the repeat process by simply marking the serial number question on the survey as an "ask on copy" question. This function can save a large amount of data entry.

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