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Asset Tracking

Asset tracking

Asset tracking is the process of recording individual assets and recording their results against their location. Capture-fm® utilises a barcode system to record details of your assets, locations and users allowing you to know what you have, where it is and lots of other information (such as values, safety check history, movement history and much more).

The Core functionality of Capture-fm® is designed to show you what assets you have, who is responsible for them and where they are.  A complete history is stored for every asset, location and user, so a complete audit trail is available for audit or insurance purposes. 

Capture-fm® gives you the ability to create, save and publish your own custom views so that you can see only the assets and information that you want to (such as only IT equipment). 

From a screen you can view all of your assets.  You can customise the data that is visible and filter the data easily with simple keywords or complex queries.  By saving your custom views you can quickly recall a list of certain assets with a simple click.

Adding an asset has never been easier, just click the add asset button and fill in the relevant boxes with as much or as little information as you want. Capture-fm® automatically keeps a full history and audit trail for every asset, location and user. These records can be easily accessed through some simple searches.

Asset tracking will give you a fantastic picture of your organisation and will ultimately allow you to quickly and easily create a report to show you everything as a whole, individual locations and their associated assets or from a user point of view, you can query who has what and where it is.

Completing the physical Asset tracking itself is a process that can be completed with Capture-fm® mobile yourself, or by one of our own experienced data collectors, and if done as part of your regular PAT testing program will cost very little.


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Download our Brochure

Download our Brochure

Download our Brochure

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