Capture-fm® - Features
  • Easy To Use and Customize

    Capture-fm® is designed to have a unique user interface design that makes it easy to use yet offers incredibly advanced functionality.

  • Integrated Surveying

    Capture-fm® which is fully integrated with Capture-fm® mobile - our mobile surveying software gives a convenient way to collect information and perform audits of assets. Tried, tested and proven over the last 5 years with over 3 million asset records collected, you won’t find a more reliable system for asset tracking.

  • A New Brand

    Capture-fm® is the new name for Asset-fm®. The software has been re-designed and coded from the ground up. So whilst it is a new brand, it is one that you can trust to deliver the solution to your asset management problems.

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Capture-fm Physical Auditing Software Features

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is the process of recording individual assets and recording their results against their location. Capture-fm® utilises a barcode system to record details of your assets, locations and users allowing you to know what you have, where it is, and lots of other information such as values, safety check history, movement history and much more.

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PAT Testing Records

Capture-fm® allows you record every element of your PAT testing easily and accurately. By storing a complete history of all tests associated with each asset you can meet and exceed the reporting requirements of the Health and Safety Executive. Capture-fm® utilises a barcode system to record details of your assets, their location and lots more.

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Pre Planned Maintenance (PPM)

The Pre-Planned Maintenance module is an essential tool for organisations that need to do regular checks and inspections on asset or locations. Along with scheduled inspections, the PPM module will also allow you store information on Warranty, Insurance and Maintenance policies associated with your assets, locations and users.

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Mobile Surveying

Collecting data for any asset management system is probably the most difficult part. However, Capture-fm® mobile enables you to quickly and efficiently collect asset information with a handheld PDA and send it back to base without needing a PC or additional software - helping to reduce overall cost and potential support implications.

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Financial information (including depreciation)

All elements of financial best practices are covered within this module, basic information such as purchase price and date can be easily recorded. You can also enter or automatically calculate depreciation values for each asset, track the disposal of assets and produce required reports accurately and quickly with our built-in report suite.

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Delivery Records

The movement of assets within an organisation is normal but have you ever needed to prove an asset arrived at its intended destination? Capture-fm® tracks the movement of assets between locations, whether it is an internal move or a transfer to an external location. When used in conjunction with a handheld PDA device, an electronic signature of receipt can be recorded and stored.

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Scheduled Movements

The control and reporting of regular movement of assets between locations can be a difficult task. The Scheduled Movements module of Capture-fm® gives you the capabilities to schedule various movements either on a one-off or recurring basis. This flexible system can be used for many different tasks like equipment for exhibitions/seminars, customer orders etc.

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An asset register is nothing without the ability to report on the data collected. Capture-fm® fulfils this requirement with an advanced reporting system. You can quickly and easily report on your recorded data by using one of the many included reports like Assets within a Location, Depreciation records, PAT testing schedules and many more - 30 are provided as standard.

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Capture-fm® Asset management made easy.