Capture-fm® - Versions

Capture-fm Network Auditing Software Versions

Capture-fm® is available in several different versions. This enables you to pick the version that fits your needs and budget perfectly. Our software uses a flexible licensing system that allows you to choose from a subscription version, or a purchase version (both are available in Per PC or Per user variants). Each version has its advantages over the other and the best choice for you really depends on your own situation and requirements.

For help deciding on the best solution for your needs, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Subscription or Purchase?

The choice between a subscription plan or outright purchase really depends on your circumstances and organisational requirements.

The subscription model requires no capital outlay for the software and can often be more tax efficient. Other benefits include free upgrades for the life of your subscription and a more cost effective entry into professional asset tracking and management. You can upgrade your subscription plan to a higher version, or switch to a purchase version at any point. It is possible to add on a support contract to provide technical help when you need it. Heavy discounts are available to those customers whose subscription has lasted more than 2 years to help keep the costs low.

The purchase model suits those organisations who prefer to "own" the software they use. Once purchased you can use the software forever. It is possible to add on a maintenance / support contract to provide technical help when you need it and to keep your software up to date with free upgrades. It is possible to upgrade your version to a higher one (e.g. Pro to Enterprise) at any time.

Lite, Standard, Pro or Enterprise?

For small organisations, or those looking to try before you buy, the Lite version is perfect. You can track up to 300 of your assets so that you know where they are and who has them, along with other information such as asset movements, asset / location / user history. Full reporting is available and it is very easy to upgrade to paid-for version without losing any data. If DataTrak carry out your PAT testing or Asset Tracking, the data can be imported and interrogated and you will still be able to add (or edit) 300 assets of your choosing.

The standard version (subscription only) suites those organisations that have more than 300 assets and want to be able to collect their asset data using a mobile handheld device. It also allows you to collect Financial and PAT information as well. This is the perfect entry into world of professional asset tracking and management.

The Pro and Enterprise versions (whether subscription or purchase) allow you to track an unlimited number of assets, and also enables network based installation for multiple users. All modules are available and can be added at any time.

The differentiator between the Pro and Enterprise versions are how the licenses are allocated.

The Pro version is per PC system. This means that if you buy 3 licenses you will be able to install and use it on 3 PCs. The Pro version will not work on a terminal server or via remote desktop connections. In addition, Module licenses can be mixed and matched between each PC installation to allow for total customisation of your solution.

The Enterprise version is a concurrent licensing system. This means that if you buy 3 licenses you will be able to install on any number of PC's, but only 3 people will be able to run the software at any one time. Additional users can be added quickly and easily at any time.

Additional Users

Additional users can be purchased at any time quickly and easily and all additional users (subscription or purchase) benefit from 90% discount. This means that a 5 user Pro system could cost as little as £364 per user to purchase, or £22.15 per user, per month for a subscription!