Capture-fm® - Network Tools
In-Built Network Tools
Diagnose and interact with discovered devices with our in-built network tools.
Tools Option on Devices Page
Easily use our Tools feature to dignosis and interact with devices
Easy To Use Interface
Ping, remote desktop and more easily.

Network Tools


Capture-fm® Network ScanPro does not halt at only discovering network device and auditing, our software has built-in network tools that are useful for interaction and diagnosing of discovered devices.

Once a device is found, our Tools option (that contains some common network diagnosis tools) can easily be used on it. These network tools includes Ping that is used to identify if a network device is online or offline.

Others tools include "Restart PC" used to reboot a computer in a network, "Wake PC" that is used to boot a computer in a network, "Shutdown PC" used to shutdown a computer in a network and Remote Desktop that is similar to Windows Remote Desktop used to remotely connect to a computer (for external help and resolution).

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Download our Brochure

Download our Brochure

Download our Brochure

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