Capture-fm® - Network Auditing Software


  • Discover All Network Devices

    Capture-fm® Network ScanPro makes easy the enormous challenge of building a network inventory, where it is necessary to know the configurations and components of network devices.

  • Installed Software Management

    Capture-fm® Network ScanPro enables easy and efficient management of all software installed on various computers on the network.

  • Monitoring and Notification

    Monitor network devices, their components or properties with ease. Sends notifications when set conditions are met.

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Software Features

Automated Network Scan

Capture-fm® Network ScanPro is designed to scan your network for network devices. It automatically discover IP-enabled devices, collect relevant details for each device and transfer the data to Capture-fm® database system. It is fully integrated with Capture-fm® physical auditing software, so data obtained is merged with the asset information for more efficient asset management.

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Scan Scheduling and Management

With Capture-fm® Network ScanPro, you have full control of how you want network scans to behave. Scheduling scans to run at any time is very easy to setup. You can easily edit, disable or delete a scheduled scan at any time with ease to suit your needs. In addition, it gives freedom to view status, set and control concurrent scans and lots more.

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Hardware Tracking

Performing network audit and obtaining general overview of all hardware assets installed on computers has never been easier. With Capture-fm® Network ScanPro, it is very easy to discover all computers in your network, get details of components as well as configurations for each computer. Printers, switches and other network devices are also identified.

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Software Tracking

Capture-fm® Network ScanPro enables easy yet effective management of all software installed on various computers on the network. Basic information like software version and number of installs are found for all software. Found software can easily be classed as unwanted in which case, it flags as ‘not wanted’ in the network or ignored, which tells the software not to manage the software.

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Software Licences Management

Software product or licence keys for software can be easily stored and managed with Capture-fm® Network ScanPro, utilizing brilliant user-friendly interfaces to simplify viewing, storing, editing and deleting licence keys. With Capture-fm® Network ScanPro, you can add a single licence or a group licence that is a licence key for more than one software.

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Monitoring and Notification

Most organisations require regular monitoring of some network devices. In some cases, components or properties of particular devices. The monitoring and notification feature is ideal to assist in achieving this, allowing you set what you intent to monitor with required conditions while it sends notifications when the conditions are met.

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Network Tools

Our software has built-in network tools that are useful for interaction and diagnosing of discovered devices. Once a device is found, the tools option can easily be used on it. These network tools include "Ping" that is used to identify if a network device is online or offline. Other functions include; Wake PC, Restart PC, Shutdown PC and Remote Desktop (for external help and resolution).

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Retrieving information from any system is one of the most important features. Capture-fm® Network ScanPro has a comprehensive and flexible reporting system built into it. The reports system has been designed to be as simple to use as possible, whilst having important features that allow users to build in their own custom reports and to export to several formats.

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